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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm not dead, but if I were, this is where you could find me.

Ralph Lauren Home, Mayfair Collection is my HEAVEN. These pictures are not the best quality because I had to print them out and then scan them back into my computer. Apparently Ralph does not want to give up his fabulousness so easily. My Beefcake/Computer Geek husband couldn't even figure out how to copy the images from the Ralph Lauren Home site. So, to all of you out there reading this, you must click on any of these glamorous grainy pictures or aqua words so that you too will feel as if you just died and went to HEAVEN. Thank you Ralph. Enjoy, Heidi


Jenny at LGN said...

Oh wow. What a beautiful collection! I am completely smitten!

PS I love your blog. Thanks for all the eye candy!


trash talk said...

I'm with your. That's heaven on earth. I also love the dentil work around the ceiling. Beautiful rooms. Debbie

Jules said...

Hi - I haven't found a way to directly copy pics from flash sites, but you can just screen print and then paste the page into a photo editor and then crop the required pic from the print screen. Still not straight forward but all electronic - no need for printing and scanning. Hope this helps

Amica said...

These are gorgeous. Definitely the most inspiring interior I've seen in a while-- I can't believe this is a catalog photoshoot, it looks so unstifled and classic.
Thanks for sharing!

Brown Button Trading said...

total heaven, and so easy to see the shots - but i know how frustrating it can be trying to get images on your blog.

seriously, could Ralph Lauren get any better!?!? z

Ness Lockyer said...

RL's style is just gorgeous. I probably wouldn't want to give up my secrets either if I was him.
Ness xx