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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Willow Nest

I am so proud to announce the Grand Opening of Willow Nest in Burton, Tx on this Saturday, November 8th. I am honored to have such wonderful and artistic neighbors as Ludmil and Linda. Linda told me that she knew it was meant to be that her and Ludmil live in Burton when she saw my store and it's name is The Nesting Co. Thanks Linda, you're a doll.

Image courtesy of Willow Nest.

Last 3 images are from Better Homes and Gardens.


Unknown said...

Ooh I remember this couple - they were previously featured in the US Country Living or Country Home. Beautiful house - lots of wood that I recall and a very dreamy, romantic bedroom.
I hope their business does well.

Brown Button Trading said...

WOW! looks amazing, any chance they would consider opening a store in australia perhaps adelaide?!? xxx

Millie said...

How lucky are they to have you as their neighbour!
Millie ^_^

Anonymous said...


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