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Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Kitchen Sink Corner.

Welcome to my unique home. This is the kitchen sink area that is not even in the kitchen but it is around the corner from it. I have an abundance of mirrors in my home since I do not have many windows. The floors we sanded and painted and then I sanded them again to give a distressed look. Now even if they are a little dirty they just look distressed.

Image via Heidi Claire.
Image via Heidi Claire.
I have a thing for clocks, silver, black, trophies, flowers, bugs, tortoiseshell and German stuff, (since I am a German Girl). These flowers are made of pieces of rolled up wax paper.

Image via Heidi Claire.

Image via Heidi Claire.
This German badge has 2 sides. This is the side worn at funerals, the other side is yellow and red. I don't know what organization it is from but it does say Berlin, Texas and that is just up the road from Burton. I love the bullion and the bee skip on it. Enjoy, Heidi


The House That A-M Built said...

Just received your comment on my blog. You make me laugh out loud! Thanks for cheering me up! I love your kitchen... ooooh you have class! A-M xx

Ness Lockyer said...

I love your collections Heidi, especially the tortoise collection. Have a great weekend,
Ness xx

Millie said...

Wow Heidi - I feel like I've stumbled into the pages of a glossy magazine - how are you going to give that up when you move to the Land Down Under? Very, very nice.
Millie ^_^

Unknown said...

Heidi it is so lovely! You have such great style, and I love the monochramatic colour palette.
I hope to see you more of your home another day!

Porchlight Interiors said...

What a beautiful kitchen - love the way you have put your collections together! Very talented! Happy Weekend! Tracey x

vicki archer said...

Wonderful images Heidi, love all your mirrors and collections. The curtains under your sink are gorgeous too. xv

karey m. said...

oh, good god! these floors! those flowers! oh, the whole darn corner.

perfection. perfection.

Viera said...

O, Heidi what a beautiful kitchen and I love your display collection.

Floors, small sink drapery... gorgeous!

PS. I was laughing crazy on a comment you left on a-m blog. Sooo funny.

Brown Button Trading said...

Stunning! But that is no surprise whatsover. Thank you for sharing your home with us Heidi x

cottage farm villa said...

Heidi, I'm a newbie to blogging and just came across your blog! First, your floral designs are the most beautiful I have ever seen. Second, love your informative blog about other talents out there. Third, your floors are "perfect" are such an inspiration! ~Cheryl

Zunny said...

I love your not - a - kitchen. Beautiful little still-lifes that you get to enjoy while serving your family. I have done my kitchen in black/white and would love to see more ideas..