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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I love how Halloween has become a more creative holiday. This is a holiday that I never was too fond of since I do not get a thrill out of being scared. However, I love seeing the clever new ways to decorate for it each year. Here are a few I have found and enjoy, I hope you do as well. Heidi.

Image courtesy of Hallmark Magazine. This Cinderella Pumpkin was made using old belt buckles, door plates and lamp parts. Clever.

Image via My Home Ideas. This image does resemble my house after I haven't dusted the cob webs for a while.

Another clever idea from someone that won't get the deserved credit because I did not record the origin of the image. Sorry.

Image courtesy of Country Living. I love how the just made their own risers out of buckets and containers, clever. Not everything is flat on the table, but at varied heights.


Ness Lockyer said...

Hi Heidi,
That Pumpkin carriage is adorable. Do you know if it has a candle inside, or is that just orange glass to look that way?
Ness xx

Millie said...

I just love the jars of pickled people!

Halloween isn't so big over here, but it's my godson's 21st birthday that night & he's asked for a Halloween theme. So I'll have to get my thinking cap on re costumes for MOTH & me. Any sugestions?
Millie ^_^

Heidi said...

Ness, I believe that they just used orange paper in the door plate and buckle to get the orange look. I just love it.

Millie, one word for you "Martha" you need to go to and make sure you have plenty of time because there is a lot to see. Thanks ladies for the comments. HEidi

Emma said...

I just gasped over that second shot Heidi - I do Halloween a bit like that one - lots of black and spider webs and of course gnarles branches xx

Unknown said...

Hey Heidi- The little girl people is from Unbashed Reputation blog. I also put her neat design on my blog as well. Love all of these halloween decorations! Daisy~

mondocherry said...

I love that cinderella coach - so clever and original.