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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Living Rooms.

I am seeing a pattern when it comes to living rooms I love, they are all classic, grand, bland and have no pattern what so ever. This is my style, it lasts, it is timeless. This is also how I dress, usually in a crisp white shirt and my favorite jeans or linen pants. The sparkle and pattern is all in the accessories, they are easier to change out for a different look. I tend to tire of a look quickly so I stick to the classics and cycle in and out the accessories. Enjoy, Heidi

Image courtesy of Australian Vouge Living.
Image courtesy of Architectural Digest.

Image courtesy of Huka Lodge.

Image courtesy of Architectural Digest.

Image courtesy of Atlanta Homes.

Image courtesy of Architectural Digest.


Millie said...

Oh Heidi what a lovely post! I just can't decide which is my favourite, the decision is too difficult.

All these rooms have wonderfully high, interesting ceilings. This really does give the entire room such a wonderful sense of spaciousness & light. So many ideas in these photos, will definitely need to come back to this one often.
Millie ^_^

Viera said...

These images are absolutely GREAT.