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Monday, September 8, 2008

Always remodel your Kitchen first.

I am psyching myself up to do our kitchen remodel. This is the part where you rip everything out of the room and you either eat out every night or cook something in the microwave. This is when another room in your home gets stuffed full of kitchen appliances and boxes of dishes and you wash your dirty dishes in the bathtub. Like I said I am psyching myself up for this. These images are my inspiration pics for my kitchen so I will just keep my eye on the prize and get it over with. Enjoy, Heidi
Image courtesy of Colonial Homes via This is glamorous.

Image courtesy of Traditional Home.

Image courtesy of House Beautiful.


Millie said...

Oh Heidi this post took me back 10 yrs. ago when we did this with our previous house. We are just about to do it again with this house, so yes, I'm sure it will be a case of deja vu! I think kitchen renos. can be likened to child birth - we vow never to do it again, but jump back in anyway!

Yes, you are so right - no pain, no gain! Here's to washing up the dishes in the bath again girl!
Millie ^_^

Mafe Molinari said...

Beautiful pics...

Oliveaux said...

Beautiful kitchens, I renovated mine recently & am now loving it. I had to move out as the bathroom & kitchen were both done at the same time. As you know, the process is painfull but the outcome is well worth it!!

Brown Button Trading said...

good luck Heidi - it will all be worth it but that in between time is just horrid - those photos are just stunning - make sure you post on your new kitchen, can't wait to see it! x

mondocherry said...

Oh, there are some new ideas in this pictures for me that i just love - the double towel rail on the side of a big rustic island, and having two deep butlers sinks next to each other... so very practical, yet attractive.