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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Open Floor Plan

For my next dream home I am leaning toward a more open design. Lots of natural light and high ceilings. I love the classic neutrals with shots of drama here and there. Enjoy, Heidi

Image courtesy of Huka Lodge.

Image courtesy of Architectural Digest.

Image courtesy of Architectural Digest.


A-M said...

Hi Heidi,
I was wondering where you got to. I will have to change my links on my side bar to your beautiful new site. You know,I was like you.. dreaming one day I would build a beautiful home. I watched all my friends over a 20 year period, design and build their dream homes.... and loved it. We never had a home, just rented one but I was never jealous as I knew in my heart that the opportunity would come to us one day and I am constantly thanking my hubby now for the exciting experience we are going through. You will, one day, build your dream... just believe in your heart it will happen. A-M xx

Heidi said...

Thanks, A-M I know that there is a time for everything and my dream home will come at that right time. Next year for sure we are visiting your wonderful country and I just can't wait, but that too has to come at the right time.